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Notions of the Feminine: Literary Essays from Dostoyevsky to Lacan

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1. "Pale Whore, Pale Writer": Is There Punishment for the Crime? 2. "Blushes and Flushes": Anna Karenina's Shameful Physiology 3. Women in Love : D.H. Lawrence's Paean to Misogyny Part I 4. The Virgin & The Gipsy : D.H. Lawrence's Paean to Misogyny Part II 5. Ugly Hairy Mounds, Fierce Hairy Armpits, and Sewer-Like Menstruations: Women as Vulgar Commodity in Fuentes' The Old Gringo 6. Mediazation and Marginalization of the Feminine in Böll's The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum 7. Gazing from the Inside: Lacan and an Endocrinological Notion of the Male "Gaze" ?
Approaching the question of how male novelists perceive their female characters, this collection of creative yet analytic literary essays unwinds the complexities of male authorship versus narration. Mark Axelrod looks at a wide range of male authors including Fydor Dostoevsky, D.H. Lawrence, Carlos Fuentes, and the theories of Jacques Lacan.
Autor: M. Axelrod
Mark Axelrod is a Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature at Chapman University, USA.

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Autor: M. Axelrod
ISBN-13 :: 9781349506026
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Gewicht: 146g
Seiten: 108
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