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Women and Teaching

Global Perspectives on the Feminization of a Profession
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Introduction; R.Cortina & S.San Román PART I: THE DAILY ENCOUNTER OF TEACHERS WITH A FEMINIZED PROFESSION Professional Identities of Teachers during the Social Transformation Toward Democracy in Spain; S.San Román Collegiality and Gender in the Elementary School Teachers' Workplace Cultures: A Tale of Two Projects; E.Richards & S.Acker State, Gender, and Class in the Social Construction of Argentine Women Teachers; G.Morgade PART II: MULTIDISCIPLINARY INTERPRETATION OF THE FEMINIZATION OF TEACHING Women Teachers in Mexico: Asymmetries of Power in Public Education; R.Cortina Educational Policies and Gender: An Assessment of the1990s in Brazil; F.Rosemberg The Feminization of the Teaching Profession in Belgium in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries; M.Depaepe, H.Lauwers & F.Simon PART III: THE FEMINIZATION OF A PROFESSION AT THE TURN OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY WOMEN AND TEACHING IN COSTA RICA IN THE EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY; I.Molina Society and Curriculum in the Feminization of the Teaching Profession in the Dominican Republic, 1860-1935; J.Alfonseca Teachers of Yesteryear: A Study of Women Educators During Porfiriato; L.E.Galván
This unique volume addresses issues of gender in education by examining the work experiences and policies affecting women and teaching in Latin America, North America and parts of Europe, with a focus on the social construction of women teachers.
Editiert von: R. Cortina, S. San Román, Sonsoles San Román
Regina Cortina is Professor of Education and Program Director, International and Comparative Education, at Teachers College, Columbia University, USA.

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Autor: R. Cortina
ISBN-13 :: 9781349534340
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