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Gendering Urban Space in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa

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Contents: Introduction; K.Ali & M.Rieker Colonial Urban and Marginalization: Prostitution in the Quartier Reservé of Casablanca; D.Maghraoui Remapping Beirut; M.Yahya Gendered Geographies in the Making of Modern Cairo; M.Rieker Morphology of Social Flows: Segregation and the Public Sphere in Aden; S. Dahlgren Could the Men Move: Women Workers and the Changing Public Sphere in Karachi; K.Ali Elsewhere: Vernacular Cosmopolitanism and Nation-building in the Steel towns of India; S.Roy Practices of Convertibility in Inner City Johannesburg and Douala; A.Simone Race, Security and Spatial Anxieties in the Post-Apartheid City; T.Bloom Hansen Hot Issues, Cool Attitudes; or the Unmaking of a Muhajir Working Class; O.Verkaaik
The essays in this book critically examine the ways in which gendered subjects negotiate their life-worlds in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African urban landscapes. They raise issues surrounding the city as a representative site of personal autonomy and political possibilities for women and/or men.
Editiert von: K. Ali, M. Rieker
MARTINA RIEKER is Associate Director, Institute for Gender and Women's Studies at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.
KAMRAN ALI is Assistant Professor at University of Texas, Austin, USA.

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Autor: K. Ali
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