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Acknowledgements Setting the Scene: Masculinity, Jealousy and Contemporary Culture PART 1: THE PSYCHO-CULTURAL SHAPING OF MASCULINE JEALOUSY Psychoanalytic Understandings of Masculinity and Jealousy Theories of Masculinity, Cinema, Spectatorship and the Jealous Gaze Analysing Jealousy Texts from a Psycho-Cultural Perspective PART 2: MASCULINE JEALOUSY IN THE MOVIES Taxi Driver , The Psychopathic Hero and the Rescue Romance: How Jealousy Drives the Narrative Along (M. Scorsese, USA, 1976) Michael Douglas: Envy, Greed and Jealous Desire in A Perfect Murder (A. Davis, USA, 1998) Englishness, Nation and Masculine Jealousy in The End of The Affair (N. Jordan, USA/UK, 1999) The Piano : A Feminine Narrative of Masculine Jealousies (J. Campion, Australia/New Zealand, 1993) Unfaithful : A Tale of Female Infidelity and the Jealousy of a Good Husband (A. Lyne, USA, 2002) Conclusion: Towards an Understanding of Masculinity, Jealousy and Cinema Appendix: Case Study Film Synopses Notes Filmography Bibliography Index
This study provides new insights into the link between masculinity and jealousy through a study of representations of male jealousy in modern Hollywood cinema. It argues, through examples of films and their reception in the press, that male jealousy has played a key role in the psychocultural shaping of Western masculinities and male fantasy.
Autor: C. Yates
CANDIDA YATES is Senior Lecturer in Psychosocial Studies at the University of East London, UK. Her research interests include masculinity, affect, cinema and cultural change. She is co-editor of Culture and the Unconscious.

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