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Structured Creativity

Formulating an Innovation Strategy
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Preface List of Figures Introduction: Management Summary PART 1: INTRODUCTION Research Focus and Relevance Research Design and Methodology PART 2: STATE OF THE ART IN THEORY Innovation Strategy Formulation Literature Complementary Literature Conclusion: Innovation Strategy Formulation (theory) PART 3: STATE OF THE ART IN PRACTICE Interviews Conclusion: Innovation Strategy Formulation Practice PART 4: THE DUAL GAP Dual Gap in Innovation Strategy Formulation Working Hypotheses PART 5: CONCEPT Innovation Architecture Innovation Strategy Formulation Process PART 6: ACTION RESEARCH Selection and Procedure of the Action Research Cases Case 1: Toll Revenue Case 2: TecChem Case 3: HighTec Case 4: Info Exchange Case 5: Optic Dye Case 6: Built-up Case 7: RubTec Case 8: MicroSys Case 9: StockTec Cross-Case Analysis and Conclusion PART 7: CONCLUSION AND WORKING HYPOTHESIS RETHOUGHT PART 8: TOWARDS A NEW SET OF MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES Understanding the Innovation System Formulating an Innovation Strategy Implementing an Innovation Strategy Formulation Process Index
Innovation is crucial for competitive advantage and long-term success. Based on both theory and practice, this book develops a concrete, structured and practitioner-orientated code of practice that enables companies to understand their innovation system and encourage creativity at a strategic level. The process of innovation strategy formulation presented by Sauber and Tschirky is a major step toward turning an often chaotic innovation system into an innovation machine where creativity, efficiency and effectiveness are not contradictory requirements.
Autor: Tim Sauber, Hugo Tschirky
TIM SAUBER is Corporate Innovation Manager for Hilti Corporation, Liechtenstein, having previously been employed at a consulting company focusing on organizational re-engineering. He spent two years as a Research Associate with the ETH Center for Enterprise Science in Zürich, Switzerland, where he completed his PhD in Innovation Strategy Formulation in 2004.
HUGO TSCHIRKY is Professor of Business Management at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland. He belongs to the ETH Center for Enterprise Science and chairs the fields of General Management, Technology and Innovations Management, and Executive Advanced Development. His research activities are directed towards the management of technology-based companies. Pursuing this he has initiated the development of an internationally aligned education program for the future managers of technology driven enterprises.

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