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Theological Reflections on the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement

Asian Christianity in the Diaspora
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Foreword; Kwok Puilan Introduction: The Umbrella Movement and Liberation Theology; Justin K.H. Tse PART I: A Primer on Occupying Hong Kong 1. The Umbrella Movement and the Political Apparatus: Understanding "One Country, Two Systems"; Justin K.H. Tse PART II: Theological Reflections on the Umbrella Movement 2. Solidarity and Division among Hong Kong People in the Occupy Movement: Reflection from a Hong Kong Catholic Perspective; Mary Yuen 3. Radical Inclusion in the Umbrella Movement: Interstitial Integrity and the New Pentecostal Rebirth of Hong Kong; Rose Wu 4. The Umbrella Movement and Kairos: The Church's Theological Encounter with a Political Movement; Lap Yan Kung 5. Exegeting the Occupation of Hong Kong: The Umbrella Movement as a Battleground for Liberation Hermeneutics; Sam Tsang Epilogue. Conscientization in the Aftermath of Occup ying Hong Kong; Justin K.H. Tse
This book gathers the voices of four local Hong Kong theologians to reflect on the 2014 democracy protests in the city from the perspectives of Catholic social teaching, feminist and queer intersectionality, Protestant liberation, and textual exegesis. The volume also includes an extended primer on Hong Kong politics to aid readers as they reflect on the theology underlying the democracy protests. September 28, 2014 is known as the day that political consciousness in Hong Kong began to shift. As police fired eighty-seven volleys of tear gas at protesters demanding "genuine universal suffrage" in Hong Kong, the movement (termed the "Umbrella Movement") ignited a polarizing set of debates over civil disobedience, government collusion with private interests, and democracy. The Umbrella Movement was also a theological watershed moment, a time for religious reflection. This book analyzes the role that religion played in shaping the course of t his historic movement.
Editiert von: Justin K. H. Tse, Jonathan Y. Tan
Justin K. H. Tse is Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Washington, USA.

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