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Introduction; Nathan R. Kollar
PART I: Personifications of Poverty and Wealth
1. Reading Job 19:2-22: A Symbolic-Interactionist View of Poverty; Thomas Decker
2. The Story of Qarun (Korah) in the Qur'an and Its Importance for our Times; Zeki Saritoprak
3. Mughal Munificence: Care and Concern for the Poor in Islamic Hindustan from Tuladan to the Taj; Michael D.Calabria
4. Mary's Magnificat: the Anawim and Church on the Margins; C. Denise Yarbrough
Part II Doctrines about Poverty and Wealth
5. Socioeconomic and Gender Justice in the Qur'an: Modern Challenges; Zainab Alwani
6. Gospel Readings on Poverty and Affluence in Most Eastern and Western Churches; Regina Boisclair
7. Orthodox Christianity and Islam on Economic Justice: Universal Ideals and Contextual Challenges in Russia; Andrii Krawchuk
PART III. Spiritual Traditions about Poverty and Wealth
8. From Possessio to Paupertas: The Emergence of Religious Poverty as a Critical Spiritual Component of Medieval Christianity; Michael Cusato
9. Poverty, Wealth and the Doctrine of Al-Fana' in the Qur'an; Hussam S. Timani
10. Prophetic Ethics As Monotheistic Spirituality; Steven Kepnes
11. Christian Ethics: the "Non-Person" and the Insights of Liberation Theology for a Twentieth-First Century World; Curt Cadorette
< 12. A Spirituality for Rich and Poor: Contemporary Catholic Ideals for Economic Justice; Marvin L. Krier Mich
PART IV. Sharing Our Wealth
13. Geography-Based Giving in Jewish Tradition; Malka Zeiger Simkovich
14. Poverty and Wealth in Islam's Sacred Texts; Abdullah F. Al Lheedan
15. Overflowing Riches: Generosity, Divine and Human; Clare Amos
Conclusion; Nathan R. Kollar
This book gathers scholars from the three major monotheistic religions to discuss the issue of poverty and wealth from the varied perspectives of each tradition. It provides a cadre of values inherent to the sacred texts of Jews, Christians, and Muslims and illustrates how these values may be used to deal with current economic inequalities.
Contributors use the methodologies of religious studies to provide descriptions and comparisons of perspectives from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam on poverty and wealth. The book presents citations from the sacred texts of all three religions. The contributors discuss the interpretations of these texts and the necessary contexts, both past and present, for deciphering the stances found there. Poverty and Wealth in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam identifies and details a foundation of common values upon which individual and institutional decisions may be made.
Editiert von: Nathan R. Kollar, Muhammad Shafiq
Nathan R. Kollar is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at St. John Fisher College, USA, retired Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Education, University of Rochester, USA, and Co-founder and Chair of the Board of the Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue at Nazareth College, USA.

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