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Social Media in the Classroom

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Hana S. Noor Al-Deen
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
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Contents: Stanley J. Baran: Foreword - Preface - Acknowledgments - Applying Social Media in Teaching Advertising - Gwyneth Howell/Rohan Miller: Digitally Driving Student Engagement to Improve Pedagogical Outcomes - Regina Lewis/Brandi Watkins: Connectivism and the Classroom: Translating Theory into Teaching - Holly Kathleen Hall/Mary Jackson Pitts: Being Your Own Chief Marketing Officer: Student Perceptions of Personal Branding - Hana S. Noor Al-Deen: Social Media and Applied Learning - Applying Social Media in Teaching Public Relations - Kathleen Stansberry: Taming the Social Media Data Deluge: Using Social Media Research Methods in the Public Relations Classroom - Melissa L. Janoske/Rowena L. Briones/Julia Daisy Fraustino: Drop and Give Me 20 (Social Media Platforms): Using Boot Camp to Teach Social Media Strategy - Beth L. Sundstrom/Abbey Blake Levenshus: The Art of Tweeting: Integrating Primary Social Media Research into a Public Relations Writing Course - Melissa D. Dodd/Thibault Adda: New Technologies for Social Media and Public Relations Education - Applying Social Media in Teaching Journalism - David Baines/Melissa Wall: Challenging the Newsroom Paradigm: Four Nations' Journalism Students Interrogate Global Issues Through Social Media - Leigh Landini Wright: Storytelling 2.0: Using Social Media Tools to Craft Multimedia Stories - K. Hazel Kwon: Using Network Analytic Tools to Teach Social Media Impact on Citizen Journalism - Melony Shemberger: Going on a News Consumption Diet: Engaging Students in Meaningful Current Events Discussions Through Social Media.
Social Media in the Classroom provides a comprehensive resource for teaching social media in advertising, public relations, and journalism at the undergraduate and graduate levels. With twelve chapters by contributors from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, this volume provides original scholarly work which encompasses a wide range of methodologies, theories, and sample assignments for implementing social media. This book is an excellent resource for preparing students to transform their personal skills in social media into professional skills for success in the job market.

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