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Leadership and Conflict in African Churches

The Anglican Experience
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Mkunga H. P. Mtingele
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List of Illustrations - Foreword by Archbishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon - Preface - Acknowledgments - List of Abbreviations - The Study - Assessment of Leadership and Conflict Theories in Secular and Religious Organizations - Research Methodology - An Overview of the Anglican Church of Tanzania - Conflicts About Leadership: Narratives of Six Case Studies - Interpretation of Conflicts in the Anglican Church of Tanzania - Management of Conflicts - Analysis and Critical Assessment of Consequences of Leadership Conflicts - Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations - Appendix - Bibliography - Index.
Leadership and Conflict in African Churches: The Anglican Experience investigates the involvement of leadership and conflict in the African church. Mkunga H. P. Mtingele's previous work with the government as a state attorney and his leadership positions in the Anglican Church gave him sufficient exposure and experience to witness the increase of conflict arising from leadership, not only in the Anglican Church of Tanzania, but also in other denominations and organizations in Tanzania, Africa, and beyond.This book highlights and encourage people to understand that conflict is a social phenomenon, endemic and inevitable part of life, the causes of which must be comprehended. This book intends to get rid of the negative perception which many people have that conflicts are an inherent menace, which should be avoided. Conflict is constructive or destructive depending on one's perception as well as the level it has reached. Tools of analysis used can be applicable to different situations both in secular and religious institutions, organizations, and governments. Leadership and Conflict in African Churches is intended to contribute to, and encourage, a wider debate on conflict about leadership. Scholars and general interest groups alike will find specific use in the areas of management, leadership, conflict resolution, theology, religious studies, and social research methodology disciplines.

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