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You Can't Teach Us if You Don't Know Us and Care About Us

Becoming an Ubuntu, Responsive and Responsible Urban Teacher
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Omiunota Nelly Ukpokodu
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Black Studies and Critical Thinking Black Studies and Critical Thinking
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Acknowledgments - Christine Sleeter: Foreword - Introduction: The Transforming Power of Education - Part I: Toward an Ubuntu Education and Pedagogy for Urban Students: Educating Urban Students for a Multicultural Democracy - Ethic of Humanism and Ubuntu Competency - Part II: Enacting Ubuntu Pedagogy: Relationship and Community - Ethic of Relationship and Learning Community - Ethic of Curriculum Humanization - Ethic of Instructional/Pedagogical Excellence - Ethic of Collaboration and Partnership - Conclusion: On Being an Ubuntu Urban Teacher - References
This book addresses the needs of diverse urban students for a new kind of teacher, classroom learning context, curriculum, and pedagogy in order to effectively learn, perform, and achieve. Drawing on the African concept of Ubuntu as a fundamental framework for enacting a humanizing pedagogy, the text invites teachers, students, and families to enter into an interdependent and interconnected relationship for education. This book is uniquely transformative as it elevates the centrality of student humanity and models the integration of emergent theories and practices, utilizing real-life stories to enlighten and illuminate. Emphasis is placed on Ubuntu pedagogy as a model to emulate, anchored on five ethical dimensions: humanism and Ubuntu competence, relationship and learning community, humanism in the curriculum, pedagogical and instructional excellence, and collaboration and partnership. Particularly valuable for teachers learning to cultivate the spirit of Ubuntu that undergirds their ability to be humane, responsive, socially- just, efficacious, and resilient, this book is a cutting-edge resource for effectively addressing the persistent academic achievement of diverse urban students.

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