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Going Inward

The Role of Cultural Introspection in College Teaching
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Susan Diana Longerbeam
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Higher Ed Higher Ed
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Contents: Susan Diana Longerbeam/Alicia Fedelina Chávez: From Cultural Story to Teaching Insight - Susan Diana Longerbeam/Alicia Fedelina Chávez: Place, Tension, Service, Difference, and Strength: How Culture Influences Teaching - Faculty Culture and Teaching Autobiographies - The Strength of Place and Its Influence on Teaching - Melissa Birkett Greene: NXSW: Cultural Legacies in Education - Judith A. Montoya: A Discovery Process: Identifying My Multicultural Roots - Jean Ann Foley: One Way Interrupted by Two-Eyed Vision - Gary Weissmann: Tapping into the Roots of My Approaches to Geoscience - Vincent Werito: Education as Our Horse: On the Path to Critical Consciousness - Katya Crawford: Roots: A Personal Cartography of Values and Teaching - The Tensions and Contradictions of Culture and Its Influence on Teaching - Leslie Oakes: A Mixed-Up History, a Divided Heart - MJR Montoya: Keeping Contradictions as a Teaching Tool: Cultural Intelligence in Content and in Practice - Kersti Tyson: Relearning Inquiry, Unlearning Judgment: The Autobiography of a Curious Girl - Susan Diana Longerbeam: Finding Community Within White Distance - In Service to Students: Developing New Ways to Teach - Alicia Fedelina Chávez: Lessons from My Family: Understanding College Teaching Through Cultural Introspection - Matías Fontenla : Teaching Development - Gary Smith: Transformed by the Learners - From Oppression for Difference to Empowering Through Teaching - R. A. Kashanipour: Family and Geopolitics in a Culturally Alienated Society - Ricardo Guthrie: Being Multicultural Is Not a Luxury: A Strategy for Teaching and Learning in a Racist Society - T. Mark Montoya: Rage, Courage, Encourage: Citizenship in the College Classroom - Carissa Tsosie: Intersectioning Indigenous Teaching Practices and Critical Pedagogy in an Academic Classroom - The Strength of Cultural Values and Their Influence on Teaching - K. Maria D. Lane: Pros and Cons of a Cosmopolitan Classroom - Robert Neustadt: Running from Religion: Finding my Reconstructionist Academic Culture - Robin Minthorn: Strengthening Our Teaching by Honoring Our Culture - Laura Sujo-Montes: The Power of Identity - Susan Diana Longerbeam/Alicia Fedelina Chávez: Developing a Culturally Introspective Practice - Susan Diana Longerbeam/Alicia Fedelina Chávez: Reflecting into the Future.
Going Inward is a pragmatic text for faculty in all disciplines who desire to deepen their reflection on teaching. Through the culturally introspective writings of faculty in a variety of academic disciplines, readers will gain a deeper understanding of faculty cultural influences on college teaching and student learning. This book introduces readers to cultural self-reflection as a powerful tool for insight into how our values and beliefs from our cultural and familial upbringing influence our teaching practice. Cultural self-reflection is a process for generating insights and empathy toward serving students from backgrounds and cultures both similar to and different from one's own. The integrated design of the book's three parts - cultural introspection, faculty culture and teaching autobiographies, and developing a culturally introspective practice - makes this book helpful to teaching faculty and academic administrators.

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