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Learning Basic Genetics with Interactive Computer Programs

 Book w. online files/update
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Designed to help teach genetics with greater ease and less anxiety, this book includes a comprehensive, interactive learning program developed at at the University of Chicago and Purdue University, that focuses on chromosome simulation and model building.
Computer modeling of chromosomes: A new approach for genetics education.- Chromosome techniques.- Chromosome models for learning genetic principles.- Chromosomes and genomics.- Chromosome identification.- Chromosome abnormalities and diseases.
Traditionally, genetics laboratory exercises at the university level focus on mono- and dihybrid crosses and phenotypic analysis-exercises under traditional time, materials, and process constraints. Lately, molecular techniques such as gene cloning, polymerase chain reactions (PCR), and bioinformatics are being included in many teaching laboratories-where affordable. Human chromosome analysis, when present at all, has often been restricted to simple identification of chromosomes by number, through the usual "cut-and-paste" method. Although several online karyotyping (chromosome identification) programs have become available, they are not meaningful for studying the dynamics of the chromosome system, nor do they help students understand genetics as a discipline.
The software that accompanies this book has been shown to be an ideal tool for learning about genetics, which requires a combination of understanding, conceptualization, and practical experience.

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Autor: Charles C. Tseng
ISBN-13 :: 9781461460824
ISBN: 1461460824
Erscheinungsjahr: 07.05.2013
Verlag: Springer New York
Gewicht: 518g
Seiten: 272
Sprache: Englisch
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