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Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Social Work

Essential Clinical Social Work Series
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Benefiting from the authors' long clinical experience, this practical volume takes readers through the EBP decision-making process in assessment, treatment planning, and evaluation, providing guidelines the correct application of research findings.
Benefiting from the authors' long clinical experience, this practical volume takes readers through the EBP decision-making process in assessment, treatment planning, and evaluation, providing guidelines the correct application of research findings.
I. What is Evidence Based Practice and How It Influences Clinical Practice?- Introduction and Overview.-Three Perspectives on Evidence Based Practice.-The Steps of EBP in Clinical Social Work: An Overview.- Assessment in Clinical Social Work and Identifying.-Practice Information Needs.- Locating Practice Research.- Evaluating Research: Research Designs in EBM/EBP.-Evaluating Research: Other Issues of Research Methodology in EBM/EBP.-Meta-analysis and Systematic Reviews: Aggregating.-Research Results.-Shared Decision Making with the Client.-Finalizing the Treatment Plan and Practice Evaluation.-II. Case Examples of Evidence Based Practice.-Sam: An Older, Gay Man who appears Depressed.-Ray: A Man Fearful of Panic Attacks.-Sally: A 12 year old who has Reactive Attachment Disorder.-Newman and Loretta: Parents of Arthur, a Man who has Schizophrenia.- Jin: 16 year old Korean-American Male with Drinking Issues.-Jennifer: A Young Homeless Woman who has Borderline Personality Disorder.- III. EBP in Clinical Social Work Education and Ongoing Issues.- Evidence Based Practice: Teaching and Supervision.-Continuing Issues Regarding EBP in Practice.-Conclusion.-References.-Glossary.- Appendix A: An Outline for a Biopsychosocial Assessment and Intervention Plan.-Appendix B: A Bullet Point Summary of the Merits and the Limitations of EBP
Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Social Work introduces the key ideas of evidence-based clinical social work practice and their thoughtful application. It intends to inform practitioners and to address the challenges and needs faced in real world practice. This book lays out the many strengths of the EBP model, but also offers perspectives on its limitations and challenges. An appreciative but critical perspective is offered throughout. Practical issues (agency supports, access to research resources, help in appraising research) are addressed - and some practical solutions offered. Ethical issues in assessment/diagnosis, working with diverse families to make treatment decisions, and delivering complex treatments requiring specific skill sets are also included.
Autor: James W. Drisko, Melissa D Grady
Rezension"Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Social Work is the most exciting recent contribution to the emerging literature on evidence based practice. Beautifully written by two broadly experienced clinicians and social researchers, the text is erudite, comprehensive, and apt to be greeted enthusiastically by practitioners across the human services. Among the many helpful and unique features of the book are the clinical vignettes included in six chapters that provide realistic and nuanced insights into the application of EBP to clinical decision making in diverse contexts. Few texts have considered evidence-based practice as a social movement or focused so thoughtfully on practical issues of key importance to clinicians, such as choosing optimal interventions from available treatment alternatives. If asked to select the single best book for students or practitioners interested in evidence-based practice, this is certainly the book I would recommend." - Matthew Owen Howard, Ph.D., Frank Daniels Distinguished Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Editor, Social Work Research"Although a number of recent books have addressed the evolving field of evidence-based practice in social work, Jim Drisko and Melissa Grady's Evidence-Based Practice in Clinial Social Work is the first detailed work designed explicitly for use by social work clinicians.  Always careful to anchor their discussion of the EBP process with real-world clinical illustrations, Drisko and Grady here offer social workers a comprehensive and thorough, yet accessible, guide for using an EBP approach with the kind of clients seen daily in clinical social work settings.  Among the book's many strengths are the authors' careful and balanced assessment of the limitations and challenges of an EBP approach, as well as their caution that teaching the process of evidence-based practice should neither be misconstrued as a substitute for a good clinical social work education, nor seen as a roadmap for how to conduct treatment.  This timely and well-written volume is highly recommended for advanced graduate students as well as for practicing clinicians." - Jerrold R. Brandell, Dstinguished Professor, Wayne State University

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Autor: James W. Drisko
ISBN-13 :: 9781461464846
ISBN: 1461464846
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