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Quadratic and Higher Degree Forms

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Krishnaswami Alladi
31, Springer Developments in Mathematics
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In the last decade, the areas of quadratic and higher degree forms have witnessed dramatic advances. This volume is an outgrowth of three seminal conferences on these topics held in 2009, two at the University of Florida and one at the Arizona Winter School. The volume also includes papers from the two focused weeks on quadratic forms and integral lattices at the University of Florida in 2010.Topics discussed include the links between quadratic forms and automorphic forms, representation of integers and forms by quadratic forms, connections between quadratic forms and lattices, and algorithms for quaternion algebras and quadratic forms. The book will be of interest to graduate students and mathematicians wishing to study quadratic and higher degree forms, as well as to established researchers in these areas.
Preface.- Toy Models for D. H. Lehmer's Conjecture II (E. Bannai, T. Miezaki).- On the Representation of an Integer by X2+Y2+Z2 and the Modular Equations of Degree 3 and 5 (A. Berkovich).- Almost Universal Ternary Sums of Squares and Triangular Numbers (W. Chan, A. Haensch).- Weighted Generating Functions for Type II Lattices and Codes (N. Elkies, S. Kominers).- Quadratic and Automorphic Forms (J. Hanke).- Integral Positive Ternary Quadratic Forms (W. Jagy).- Some Aspects of the Algebraic Theory of Quadratic Forms (R. Parimala).- On the Length of Binary Forms (B. Reznick).- Representation of Quadratic Forms by Integral Quadratic Forms (R. Schulze-Pillot).- Identifying the Matrix Ring (J. Voight).

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