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Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) Fusion

Fundamentals and Applications
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George H. Miley
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This book provides readers with an introductory understanding of Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC), a type of fusion meant to retain plasma using an electrostatic field. IEC provides a unique approach for plasma confinement, as it offers a number of spin-off applications, such as a small neutron source for Neutron Activity Analysis (NAA), that all work towards creating fusion power. The IEC has been identified in recent times as an ideal fusion power unit because of its ability to burn aneutronic fuels like p-B11 as a result of its non-Maxwellian plasma dominated by beam-like ions. This type of fusion also takes place in a simple mechanical structure small in size, which also contributes to its viability as a source of power. This book posits that the ability to study the physics of IEC in very small volume plasmas makes it possible to rapidly investigate a design to create a power-producing device on a much larger scale. Along with this hypothesis the book also includes a conceptual experiment proposed for demonstrating breakeven conditions for using p-B11 in a hydrogen plasma simulation.

This volume provides an in-depth view of IEC, an emerging method of generating fusion power with a unique approach to plasma confinement offering a range of spin-off applications likely to enhance the fusion energy production process, even at larger scales.

Background, Basics, and Experimental IECs.- Theory of Potential Well Traps in the IEC.- Gas Discharges in Gridded IECs.- High-Voltage Stalk Design for IECs.- IEC Grid Materials and Construction.- Effect of Grid Geometry on IEC Device Performance.- Space Charge Limited Flow.- Ion and Electron Current Scaling Issues.- Cylindrical and Other IEC Geometries.- Various Other IEC Concepts and Experiments.- IEC Diagnostics.- Potential Applications.- Reactor Confinement Theory and IEC Reactor Visions.

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