Chaotic Signals in Digital Communications
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Chaotic Signals in Digital Communications

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Marcio Eisencraft
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Chaotic Signals in Digital Communications combines fundamental background knowledge with state-of-the-art methods for using chaotic signals and systems in digital communications. The book builds a bridge between theoretical works and practical implementation to help researchers attain consistent performance in realistic environments. It shows the possible shortcomings of the chaos-based communication systems proposed in the literature, particularly when they are subjected to non-ideal conditions. It also presents a toolbox of techniques for researchers working to actually implement such systems.A Combination of Tutorials and In-Depth, Cutting-Edge ResearchFeaturing contributions by active leading researchers, the book begins with an introduction to communication theory, dynamical systems, and chaotic communications suitable for those new to the field. This lays a solid foundation for the more applied chapters that follow. A Toolbox of Techniques-Including New Ways to Tackle Channel ImperfectionsThe book covers typical chaos communication methods, namely chaotic masking, chaotic modulation, chaotic shift key, and symbolic message bearing, as well as bidirectional communication and secure communication. It also presents novel methodologies to deal with communication channel imperfections. These tackle band-limited channel chaos communication, radio channels with fading, and the resistance of a special chaotic signal to multipath propagations. In addition, the book addresses topics related to engineering applications, such as optical communications, chaotic matched filters and circuit implementations, and microwave frequency-modulated differential chaos shift keying (FM-DCSK) systems.Insights for Both Theoretical and Experimental ResearchersCombining theory and practice, this book offers a unique perspective on chaotic communication in the context of non-ideal conditions. Written for theoretical and experimental researchers, it tackles the practical issues faced in implementing chaos-based signals and systems in digital communications applications.
Introduction and Main ConceptsElbert E.N. MacauOverview of Digital CommunicationsIvan R.S. Casella, Aline de O.N. Panazio, and Murilo B. LoiolaOverview of Dynamical Systems and ChaosLuiz H. A. MonteiroBasics of Communications Using ChaosGéza Kolumbán, Tamás Krébesz, Chi K. Tse, and Francis C.M. LauChaos in Optical CommunicationsApostolos Argyris and Dimitris SyvridisChaotic Convergence of Unsupervised EqualizersRomis Attux, Everton Z. Nadalin, João Marcos T. Romano, Diogo C. Soriano, and Ricardo SuyamaMatched Filters for Chaotic SignalsJonathan N. Blakely and Ned J. CorronChannel Equalization for Chaotic Communications SystemsRenato Candido, Magno T.M. Silva, and Marcio EisencraftChaotic Communications in Bandlimited ChannelsRenato D. Fanganiello, Rodrigo T. Fontes, Marcio Eisencraft, and Luiz H. A. MonteiroUsing Coupled Maps to Improve Synchronization PerformanceGreta A. Abib, Marcio Eisencraft, and Antonio M. BatistaAsymptotically Optimal Estimators for Chaotic Digital CommunicationsDavid Luengo and Ignacio SantamaríaBlind Source Separation in the Context of Deterministic SignalsDiogo C. Soriano, Ricardo Suyama, Rafael A. Ando, Romis Attux, and Leonardo T. DuarteEvolutionary Chaotic Time Series DenoisingDiogo C. Soriano, Murilo B. Loiola, Marcio Eisencraft, Ricardo Suyama, Vanessa B. Olivatto, João M.T. Romano, and Romis AttuxIsochronal Synchronization and Digital Chaos-Based CommunicationJosé M.V. Grzybowski, Takashi Yoneyama, and Elbert E.N. MacauCryptography Based on Chaotic and Unsynchronized Elements of a NetworkRomeu M. Szmoski, Fabiano A.S. Ferrari, Sandro E. de S. Pinto, Ricardo L. Viana, and Murilo S. BaptistaRobustness of Chaos to Multipath Propagation MediaHai-Peng Ren, Murilo S. Baptista, and Celso Grebogi

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