Building Sensor Networks
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Building Sensor Networks

From Design to Applications
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Ioanis Nikolaidis
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For all the interest that wireless sensor networks have created over the past decade, there are few examples to show that they are truly delivering on this promise and anticipation. What is missing? Deviating from the usual focus on routing and energy efficiency, Building Sensor Networks: From Design to Applications attempts to stitch together the path from conceptual development of applications, on one end, to actual complete applications at the other. With this change in perspective, the book examines important facets of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) that are not often discussed in the literature.
IntroductionDesign PracticesDynamic Profiling and Optimization Methodologies for Sensor NetworksAnn Gordon-Ross, Arslan Munir, Susan Lysecky, Roman Lysecky, Ashish Shenoy, and Jeff HinerStochastic Inference in Wireless Sensor NetworksSahar Movaghati and Masoud ArdakaniImplementation of Wireless Sensor Network Systems with PN-WSNA ApproachesChung-Hsien Kuo and Ting-Shuo ChenReal-Time Search in the Sensor InternetRichard Mietz and Kay RomerNetworking ProtocolsTraffic Management in Wireless Sensor NetworksSwastik Brahma, Mainak Chatterjee, and Shamik SenguptaDecision-Tree Construction for Event Classification in Distributed Wearable ComputersHassan Ghasemzadeh and Roozbeh JafariA Network Structure for Delay-Aware Applications in Wireless Sensor NetworksChi-Tsun Cheng, Chi K. Tse, and Francis C.M. LauDistributed Modulation Classification in the Context of Wireless Sensor NetworksJefferson L. Xu, Wei Su, and Mengchu ZhouApplication ExperiencesChallenges in Wireless Chemical Sensor NetworksSaverio De VitoLow-Power, Extensive Sensor Networks from the Wired PerspectiveAlan R. WilsonMaritime Data Management and Analytics: A Survey of Solutions Based on Automatic Identification SystemBaljeet Malhotra, Hoyoung Jeung, Thomas Kister, Stephane Bressan, and Kian-Lee TanAbove and Below the Ocean Surface: A WSN Framework for Monitoring the Great Barrier ReefCesare Alippi and Manuel RoveriIndex

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