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From the Files of Madison Finn Books 1-10

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Laura Dower
From the Files of Madison Finn
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Meet a spunky preteen who uses her online journal to cope with her feelings-from junior high friendship drama to her parents' divorce to her first crush.
Twelve-year-old Madison Finn has found the perfect outlet for her worries about school and friendships and her mom and dad's divorce: She's started an online journal on her beloved orange laptop. For a girl who claims she's allergic to change, this digital diary is the perfect way to sort out her feelings . . .

Only the Lonely: Summer seems to be going by way too fast as Madison worries about starting seventh grade.

Boy, Oh Boy!: Madison must balance a confusing class election with her feelings around her first crush.

Play It Again: When Far Hills Junior High puts on a play, can Madison survive the drama?

Caught in the Web: Forget ghosts-this Halloween, seventh grade is frightening enough.

Thanks for Nothing: On her first Thanksgiving since her parents' divorce, Maddie finds gratitude helping animals at a shelter.

Lost and Found: On a snow day, Madison digs up some old-and surprising-memories.

Save the Date: The Far Hills Junior High war of the sexes is on-and Madison is teamed up with her nemesis, Poison Ivy.

Picture-Perfect: Madison and her friends are going to see their favorite singer in concert-but her friend Aimee is having a hard time.

Just Visiting: Maddie has the red, white, and blues this Fourth of July when she learns she'll be spending the holiday away from her friends, at her grandmother's house on Lake Michigan.

Give and Take: Will Maddie's Christmas break be a total bust when her dad cancels a father-daughter ski trip?

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