Reporter Genes

A Practical Guide
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Don Anson
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411, Methods in Molecular Biology

Provides practical guides for the use of the reporter genes most commonly used in mammalian systems including b-galactosidase, GFP and luciferase
Table of contents
Preface. Donald S. Anson.

1. Methodologies for staining and visualisation of '-galactosidase in
embryos and tissues. Siobhan Loughna and Deborah Henderson.

2. Immunohistochemical Detection of Beta-Galactosidase or Green
Fluorescence Protein on Tissue Sections. Philip A. Seymour and Maike
Sander .

3. Detection of Reporter Gene Expression in Murine Airways. Maria
Limberis , Peter Bell, and James M. Wilson.

4. Three dimensional analysis of molecular signals with episcopic
imaging techniques. Wolfgang J. Weninger & Timothy J. Mohun

5. Fluorescent proteins for cell biology. George H. Patterson

6. Detection of GFP during nervous system development in Drosophila
melanogaster. Karin Edoff, James S. Dods and Andrea H. Brand

7. Autofluorescent Proteins for Flow Cytometry. Charles G. Bailey and
John E. J. Rasko

8. Fluorescent protein reporter systems for single cell measurements.
Steven K. Dower , Eva E. Qwarnstrom and Endre Kiss-Toth

9. Subcellular Imaging of cancer cells in live mice. Robert M. Hoffman

10. Non-invasive Imaging of Molecular Events with Bioluminescent
Reporter Genes in Living Subjects. Pritha Ray and Sanjiv Sam Gambhir .

11. Green Fluorescent Protein as a Tracer in Chimeric Tissues. Harald
Jockusch and Daniel Eberhard
Reporter genes have played, and continue to play, a vital role in many areas of biological research by providing a ready means for qualitative and quantitative assessment of the activity of genes and location of gene products in different environments. This book describes practical protocols for experimentation with the most useful reporter genes for mammalian systems that are available.

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