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A Different Kind of Victory

A Biogrpahy of Admiral Thomas C. Hart
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James Leutze
Naval Institute Press
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This biography of Admiral Thomas C. Hart is important not only because it is the story of a man whose central guiding force in life was the U.S. Navy, but also because it is a study of some fifty-five significant years of American history. This book, based in part on the twenty-one volume Hart diary, investigates the forces and circumstances that shaped Hart's actions during a memorable and influential career that spanned three wars and was followed by brief service in the U.S. Senate.From his earliest days on the faculty of the U.S. Naval Academy, where he was dedicated to academic reform, to his 'second” career in elected office, Hart could always be found amid controversy.
His appointment as commander of the Asiatic fleet, a billet he wanted and was led to believe he would get, was partly the result of uneasy relationship with FDR. Here, enlivened with Hart's naval and diplomatic experiences in the Philippines and the Netherlands East Indies, vantage points that provided him with an excellent perspective on the opening stages of the Pacific War.
James Leutze provides us with Hart's firsthand account of the Lanikai-Isabel incident, the hazardous foray ordered by Roosevelt in 1941. Although, ostensibly, the purpose of the maneuver was to garner information on the movements of the Japanese fleet, Hart clearly considered that Roosevelt's intention was to provoke the Japanese.

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