Autor: Crispin Paine
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Religious Objects in Museums

Private Lives and Public Duties
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Religious Objects in Museums is the first book to examine how religious objects are transformed in museum, and examines the range of meanings that religious objects may bear - as scientific specimen, sacred icon, work of art, or historical record. This accessible book is an essential introduction to the subject.
Introduction Objects Curated Objects Visited Objects Worshipped and Worshipping Objects Claimed Objects Respected Objects Demanding and Dangerous Objects Elevating Objects Militant Objects Promotional Objects Explanatory and Evidential Conclusion Notes References
A study which provides the first concise, comprehensive overview of the key issues surrounding a hotly debated topic: the presentation and inclusion of religious objects in museums. It provides students with an ideal way into debates on religious expression, colonialism and the appropriation of sacred objects, secularism and objectivity, and the changing meaning of objects.
Autor: Crispin Paine
Crispin Paine is Honorary Lecturer at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL, UK.

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Autor: Crispin Paine
ISBN-13 :: 9781847887733
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