Autor: Elena Sheldon
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Knowledge Construction in Academia

19, Intercultural Studies and Foreign Language Learning
A Challenge for Multilingual Scholars
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CONTENTS: The Research Arena of Globalized Academia and Contemporary Theories on Writing for Publication - A Pragmatic Orientation to Knowledge Construction in Research Articles - Semantic Functions As Seen Through Stance: Knowledge Construction in Research Articles - Intercultural Analyses: Knowledge Construction in the Introduction Section - Intercultural Analyses: Knowledge Construction in the Discussion/Conclusion Sections - Dialogic Spaces of Knowledge Construction in Research Articles - Reflective Disciplinary Practices and Procedures in Scholarly Research - Underpinning Contemporary Scientific Discourse.
This book examines the struggles encountered by multilingual scholars pursuing careers within global academia, particularly in Spain and Latin American countries. These writers face the disadvantage of having to read and write in a language other than their own. The traditional model of Anglophone universities under which academics have to «publish or perish» has ensured that English is an indicator of excellence in knowledge construction. Given this linguistic inequality, it is important that scholars from non-Anglophone countries are empowered in their efforts to publish in English in international journals, so that new knowledge can be brought to the fore.
Autor: Elena Sheldon
Elena Sheldon holds a PhD in academic literacy in English and is a lecturer in the School of International Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology Sydney. She specializes in second language writing, using genre-based pedagogy within Systemic Functional Linguistic Theory.

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Autor: Elena Sheldon
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