Testing Cloud Services

How to Test Saas, Paas & Iaas
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Kees Blokland
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Everybody is confronted with cloud computing. Whether you are a user, designer, programmer, project manager or tester, sooner or later the cloud affects your work. Chances are that this is already the case. Are you involved in selecting or implementing services from the cloud, or keeping them up and running? Then this book is invaluable.
Testing Cloud Services contains an extensive list of risks that arise when implementing cloud computing; among these are some traditional risks, and also some completely new ones. Every risk is connected to existing, updated and new test measures. What stands out about the cloud is the necessity of starting testing during the selection of cloud services. Even after going live, continuous end-to-end testing needs to be done, because continuity risks arise all the time.

With this book in hand, you can save a lot of time. The effective approach in this book can immediately be applied in practice!

Kees Blokland has worked for Polteq as a senior test consultant since 2003 and has over twenty years experience in the testing profession.

Jeroen Mengerink has worked for Polteq since 2008 and is a test consultant. In addition to his work for customers, he is involved in various Polteq testing innovations.

Martin Pol has played a significant role in helping to raise the awareness and improve testing since 1983. He was responsible for the creation of international testing standards and models for test process improvement. Martin's extensive experience and knowledge formed the unique architectural foundation for the approach in this fine book.

Polteq is an independent provider of international software testing services based in The Netherlands and Belgium. Polteq testing professionals are requested to execute test assignments or to help solve testing issues worldwide. Polteq offers consultancy and training for testing cloud services under the commercial label Cloutest.

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