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The Ecology of Purposeful Living Across the Lifespan

Developmental, Educational, and Social Perspectives
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Anthony L. Burrow
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This book explores what it means to live a purposeful life and outlines the benefits associated with purpose across different life domains. It also demonstrates that purpose in life is not reducible to constructs such as happiness, well-being, or identity development.
Chapter 1. Introduction(Anthony Burrow).- Part 1: Purpose as a Catalyst for Healthy Development.- Chapter 2. Is Purpose Good for Your Health?: A Look at Emerging Evidence (Carol Ryff).- Chapter 3. Taking a Purposeful Direction toward Healthy Aging (Patrick Hill).- Chapter 4. TBA (Rachel Sumner).- Part 2: Educating for a Purpose.- Chapter 5. Adolescents' Self-Transcendent Purposes for Learning in School: Theory and Intervention (David Yeager).- Chapter 6. Discovering Identity and Purpose in the Classroom: Theoretical, Empirical, and Applied Perspectives (Lisa Kiang).- Chapter 7. A Multinational Cultural Perspective on Developing and Educating for Youth Purpose (Seana Moran).- Part 3: The Role of Purpose in a Diverse Society.- Chapter 8. Youth Purpose: A Translational Research Agenda (Kendall Cotton Bronk).- Chapter 9. Paths of Identity: Navigating Stereotypes and Finding Purpose (Leoandra Rogers).- Chapter 10. Purpose as a Motivator for Equity Work (Adia Harvey Wingfield).- Part 4: Purpose in Context.- Chapter 11. Coming of Age on the Edge of Town: Perspectives on Growing Up in the Context of Rural Poverty(Katherine MacTavish).- Chapter 12. Determinants of Purpose in Life: Evidence from Two Longitudinal Analyses (Ying Chen).- Chapter 13. Supporting Youth Purpose in Adolescence: Youth-Adult Relationships as Ecological Assets (Nancy Deutsch).- Chapter 14. Discovering the Possible: How Youth Programs Provide Apprenticeships in Purpose (Reed Larson).- Chapter 15. Concluding Remarks (Anthony Burrow).

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