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Cloud Based 5G Wireless Networks

SpringerBriefs in Computer Science
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Introduction.- Cloud-Based Networking.- Cloud Platform for Networking.- Definable Networking.- Green Wireless Networks.- 5G-Related Projects.- 5G-based Applications.- Conclusion.
This SpringerBrief introduces key techniques for 5G wireless networks. The authors cover the development of wireless networks that led to 5G, and how 5G mobile communication technology (5G) can no longer be defined by a single business model or a typical technical characteristic. The discussed networks functions and services include Network Foundation Virtualization (N-FV), Cloud Radio Access Networks (Cloud-RAN), and Mobile Cloud Networking (MCN). The benefits of cloud platforms are examined, as are definable networking and green wireless networking. Other related and representative projects on 5G are mobile and wireless communications enablers for the Twenty-Twenty Information Society, Multi-hop Cellular Networks, Network Function as-a-Service over Virtualized Infrastructures, iJOIN, and Nuage Virtualized Services Platform. Major applications of 5G range from RAN sharing and Multi-Operator Core Networks to mobile convergence. Enhancing the user experience by providing smart and customized services, 5G will support the explosive growth of big data, mobile internet, digital media, and system efficiency. This SpringerBrief is designed for professionals, researchers, and academics working in networks or system applications. Advanced-level students of computer science or computer engineering will also find the content valuable.

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Autor: Yin Zhang
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