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¿Addresses specifics of pediatric neuro-radiation oncology
Part I: Basic Priciples :

Historical Perspective






Part II: Embryonal Brain Tumors :




Part III: Ependymoma

Part IV: Glial Tumors :

Low Grade Glioma

Optic Pathway

High Grade Glioma

Brainstem Glioma


Part V: Germ Cell Tumors:



Part VI: Miscellaneous Tumors:

CNS Leukemia


Spinal Tumors

Choroid Plexus Carcinoma

Skull Base Tumor

Pituitary Tumors

Brain Mets

Part VII: Radiotherapy Practice :


Image Guidance

Conformal RT

Particle Therapy

Craniopsinal Irradiation

Radiosurgery and HFRT


Part VIII: Radiotherapy Toxicity and Management: Ne




Vascular and Brain

Susequent malignancy

Ethics of Treating Young Children
This book reviews the principles and applications of radiotherapy in the management of pediatric brain tumors to allow the reader to gain a full appreciation of the major aspects involved in caring for these patients. Individual sections are devoted to basic principles, specific management for the full range of tumor entities, radiotherapy techniques, and potential toxicities and their management. The book is written and edited by world leaders in pediatric radiotherapy, and care has been taken to cover the latest advances in diagnosis and radiotherapy techniques.

Pediatric brain tumors represent a diverse group of neoplasms that require carefully planned management for successful definitive treatment. Radiotherapy is one of the fundamental components in treatment for the majority of these vulnerable patients. The optimal radiation therapy approach will depend on multiple factors, including tumor type and location, extent of disease, age of the patient, and other therapies. A
thorough understanding of the natural history of the disease, communication with the multidisciplinary team, full knowledge of available radiotherapy techniques, and consideration of potential acute and late toxicities are therefore essential for each patient.
Editiert von: Anita Mahajan, Arnold Paulino
Anita Mahajan is a Professor at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center. She has had a keen interest and experience in the treatment of pediatric patients with brain tumors. Over her career she has worked with advanced radiotherapy delivery systems and makes an effort to use the best approach for individual patients. She has become an authority on proton therapy in children and is currently working on refining the use and role of particle therapy for children. She is an author of over 100 peer reviewed journals, book chapters and has edited several books.

Dr. Arnold Paulino, Prof. at the Department of Radiology at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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Autor: Anita Mahajan
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