Autor: Ada S. Jaarsma
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Kierkegaard After the Genome

Science, Existence, and Belief in This World
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Chapter 1 Sin, Secularity and Belief in This World Chapter 2 The Existential Stakes of Epigenetics Chapter 3 Placebos and the Materiality of Belief Chapter 4 Design, Disability and Play: Becoming in the Classroom Chapter 5 Is Science Post-Secular? Cures, Despair and Spiritual Practice
This book brings Søren Kierkegaard's nineteenth-century existentialist project into our contemporary age, applying his understanding of "freedom" and "despair" to science and science studies, queer, decolonial and critical race theory, and disability studies. The book draws out the materialist dimensions of belief, examining the existential dynamics of phenomena like placebos, epigenetics, pedagogy, and scientific inquiry itself. Each chapter dramatizes the ways in which abstractions like "race" or "genes" and even "belief" are sites of contested practices with pressing political significance. Focusing on the existential dangers posed by neo-liberal and finance capitalist systems, the book brings to life the resources for resistance found within science studies and critical approaches to race, secularity, and disability. Throughout the book, Kierkegaard becomes an ally with ecological and developmental evolutionary theorists, as well as with science studies, critical race, and crip theorists who foreground the relational and impassioned nature of existence.
Autor: Ada S. Jaarsma
Ada S. Jaarsma is associate professor of philosophy at Mount Royal University. Her articles have appeared in Gender and Education, Studies in Philosophy and Education, European Legacy, Constellations, Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, and Hypatia.

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Autor: Ada S. Jaarsma
ISBN-13 :: 9783319579801
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