Autor: Jose Pablo Díaz-Jimenez
ISBN-13: 9783319580357
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This volume addresses all areas of interventional pulmonology. It outlines the many issues related to lung cancer and also covers bronchoscopic therapeutic options to benign conditions that are highly prevalent, such as COPD and asthma.
Covers all aspects of interventional pulmonology for both the accomplished and in-training pulmonologistsPresents both diagnostic and therapeutic uses of interventional pulmonologyThoroughly updated with new chapters on personalized lung cancer treatment, hempotisis, and the future of interventional pulmonology
Part I: Basic Endoscopy.- Tracheobronchial Anatomy.- Flexible Bronchoscopy.- Ultrathin Bronchoscopy.- Rigid Bronchoscopy.- Anesthesia for Interventional Bronchoscopy Procedures.- Evaluating Outcomes After Interventional Procedures.- Bronchoscopy Education: New Insights.- Part II: Tracheobronchial Obstructions.- Reopening the Airways: Fast Methods.- Cryotherapy.- Endobronchial Brachytherapy.- Photodynamic Therapy for Early and Advanced Lung Cancer.- Benign Tracheal and Bronchial Stenosis.- Endobronchial Prosthesis.- Part III: Lung Cancer Diagnosis.- Early Lung Cancer: Methods for Detection.- Diagnostic of Lung Cancer: Confocal Bronchoscopy.- Optical Coherence Tomography.- Electromagnetical Navigation.- Lung Cancer Screening and the National Lung Cancer Screening Trial: Update.- Tissue Acquisition in Patients with Suspected Lung Cancer: Techniques Available to the Pulmonologist.- Lung Cancer Epidemiologic Changes.- Personalized Lung Cancer Treatment: A Team Work.- Part IV: Lung Cancer Staging.- The TNM Classification.- Mediastinoscopy and Its Variants.- Endobronchial Ultrasound: Basic Principles.- Endobronchial Ultrasound Clinical Applications.- Part V: Pleural Conditions.- Pleural Anatomy.- Medical Thoracoscopy.- Overview of the Spectrum of Chest Tubes: Disease-Specific Selection.- Part VI: Interventional Bronschoscopy in Asthma and Emphysema.- Endoscopic Methods for Lung Volume Reduction.- Transbronchoscopic Emphysema Treatment.- Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction for Treatment of Advanced Emphysema Using Injectable Hydrogels.- Bronchial Thermoplasty.- Part VII: Interventional Bronchoscopy in Special Situations.- Percutaneous Tracheostomy.- Bronchoscopy Role in Interstitial Lung Disease.- Endoscopic Foreign Body Removal.- Interventional Pulmonology in the Intensive Care Unit.- Hempotisis: the Endoscopic Perspective.- Part VIII: Conclusions.- The Future of Interventional Bronchoscopy.
This new edition offers comprehensive coverage of all areas of interventional pulmonology, a minimally invasive endoscopic method for diagnosing and treating lung disorders. The text is divided into eight sections on the major areas of interventional pulmonology, including basic endoscopy, lung cancer staging, and interventional bronschoscopy in asthma and emphysema. Chapters then explore specific procedures and techniques, including medical thoracoscopy, flexible and rigid bronchoscopy, endobronchial ultrasound, and electromagnetical navigation with coverage of history, indications and contraindications, and up-to-date evidence-based reviews. In recent years there have been many advances in interventional pulmonology, the most significant relating to lung cancer early diagnosis and late-stage treatment. Two new chapters on lung cancer epidemiologic changes and personalized lung cancer treatment explore new methods for maximizing patient care for an increasingly prevalent disease. This inclusive volume concludes with a look towards the future of interventional pulmonology and experimental techniques currently being tested. Interventions in Pulmonary Medicine , Second Edition, is a must have for pulmonologists, endoscopists, pulmonary oncologists, ENT physicians, thoracic surgeons, anesthesiologists, and intensive care specialists and their teams.
Editiert von: Jose Pablo Díaz-Jimenez, Alicia N. Rodriguez
Jose Pablo Diaz-Jimenez is head of the Pulmonary Department at Clinic Corachan, Barcelona, and Adjunt Professor in the Pulmonary Department at MD Anderson Cancer Center. He is also former Chairman of the World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology WABIP, and former President of the World Bronchology Foundation, WBF.
Alicia N. Rodriguez is the head of the Pulmonary and Endoscopy Department at Clinica Colon Mar del Plata. She is also Chief at the Respiratory Research Department at IIC, Mar del Plata. She is former vice president of the Asociacion Argentina de Endoscopia Respiratoria and current member of the WiIP, Women in Interventional Pulmonology.

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Autor: Jose Pablo Díaz-Jimenez
ISBN-13 :: 9783319580357
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