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Methods for Estimating MRDD: Comparative Study of 3 Estimation Methods

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Regression discontinuity design (RDD) is originally a useful tool for evaluating a program or policy when a single variable is used to determine program eligibility. The RDD concept has been generalized to evaluate programs when eligibility is based on multiple variables. Multivariate regression discontinuity design (MRDD) may provide estimates of multiple parameters of interest (corresponding to the multiple possible treatment contrasts and for different subpopulations) so that the analyst is faced with a wider range of strategies for estimating treatment effects from a multiple rating score regression discontinuity. The choice among these different strategies has important implications for precision, bias, and generalizability. In this study, we compare the relative performance of three MRDD estimation approaches (frontier, centering and univariate) in Monte Carlo simulation study under different scenarios (different dimensional space of the assignment variables, presence of white noise and presence of correlation between score variables). Result attested that given correct model specification with two assignment variables.
Autor: Eskender Girmay, Sodjinou Epiphane, Glele Kakiï
Eskender Girmay is a researcher and statistician. He earned Master's degree in Statistics major in Biostatistics (2016). He has worked as a researcher in Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research. His research interests are modeling of climate change, air pollution, health and their interaction. He is the author of many books and journals.

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Autor: Eskender Girmay
ISBN-13 :: 9783330048317
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