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JC virus in Renal Transplant patients

Molecular Detection of JC Virus in Urine and Blood Samples of Renal Transplant Patients in Khartoum State, Sudan
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John Cunningham (JCV) is a member of the Polyomaviridae family, which includes BK virus and SV40. The name polyoma refers to the ability of this organism to produce tumors in many different organs. They are non-enveloped viruses with icosahedral capsids and small, circular double-stranded DNA genomes the genomes that are 5kb in size. The natural hosts for polyomaviruses include humans other primates, rodents, rabbits and birds.
Autor: Ali Mohamed Badri, Khalid A. Enan
Mr. Ali Mohamed Badri Mohamed. B.Sc international university of Africa,Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences ,Department of Microbiology.Now studying Master program in Sudan International University.

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Autor: Ali Mohamed Badri
ISBN-13 :: 9783330048355
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Gewicht: 106g
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