Autor: Nicolò De Marchi
ISBN-13: 9783330781788
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Social and economical implications of a Social Media Campaign

Case History: "If we get to the final"
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During the recent years Social Media are more present in our lives, becoming increasingly important. This book aims to investigate the issue regarding the use of Social Media as a marketing channel by companies and, through the study of the case history "If we get to the final," see if it is possible to find a method to calculate the economic return of social initiatives. In the first chapter of the research, thanks to articles and books present in the literature, there will be a discussion about the Social Media Marketing. The second chapter will be more focused on the reasons why companies cannot and should not ignore Social Media, as they are an indisputable source of value. In the third chapter I will introduce the case history "If we get to the final", i.e. the initiative started and developed on Social Media by Juventus F.C., Jeep, Samsung, and We Are Social. In the fourth and final chapter, always referring to the case history mentioned in the previous chapter, I will analyze the calculation models present in the literature to find the economic return that those involved have had from the countryside "If we get to the final".
Autor: Nicolò De Marchi
Nicolò De Marchi born in Chioggia (Venice) on 22-10-1992.Bachelor Degree in "Economic and Commerc" and Master's Degree in "International Management". Attendee of the "Erasmus+" programme in Vilnius, Lithuania. Currently pursuing an internship to be a Business Accountant and teaching in high-school as Professor.

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Autor: Nicolò De Marchi
ISBN-13 :: 9783330781788
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Gewicht: 326g
Seiten: 208
Sprache: Englisch
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