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Interrogating Identity Politics in The Contemporary Moroccan Novel

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This paper aims at examining the manifestations of postcolonial Moroccan `Self`-representation(s). Central is the image that Moroccan writers evince about Moroccan identity and culture. Four postcolonial Moroccan novels are analyzed to trace out the Moroccan 'Self'-portrayal by means of sketching out the multivocality inherent in these novels. Indeed, the linguistic variety in the choice of the novels is purposefully meant to delineate rhetorical similarities and differences in `Self`-representation. Moroccan `Self'-representation is characterized by ambivalent viewpoints. The study tries to answer the following questions: Is `Self`-representation possible? What does it really involve? How does it imbricate with power relations, gender, colonial epistemic violence, postcolonial inferiority complex , and post-independence disillusionment?
Autor: Azize Kour
Azize Kour is an assistant professor at ENSIAS (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique et d'Analyse des Systémes) in Rabat. His main interest and training is Cultural Studies with a special focus on cultural identities. His postgraduate studies and research culminated in a PhD thesis entitled Identity Politics in the Contemporary Moroccan Novel

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Autor: Azize Kour
ISBN-13 :: 9783330796812
ISBN: 3330796812
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Verlag: Noor Publishing
Gewicht: 214g
Seiten: 132
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