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Cytology and Plectology of the Hymenomycetes

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The second edition of this text presents the fundamental aspects of the cytology, plectology ("histology") and anatomy of the Hymenomycetes, updated, revised and enlarged by more than 20% over its first edition. Hymenomycetes are an important group of higher fungi including mushrooms, boletes, bracket fungi, club fungi, chanterelles, spine fungi and crust fungi, but excluding the Gasteromycetes and jelly fungi. The text combines the results of two centuries of mycological research, from the late 18th century to spring 2011, and most chapters include historical notes on the topics discussed. Taxonomy, physiology, biochemistry, ecology and genetics are not treated, although a minimum of ecological or physiological information is presented where appropriate. The terminology used often breaks away from traditional and sometimes obsolete concepts, especially in the description of hyphal differentiations, of cystidia and of fruit body development. All accepted concepts and terms are profusely illustrated with numerous examples from a wide array of taxa, often with new and original photographs. The author uses an organized framework for classifying observed morphologies, often including dichotomous keys or comparative charts to illustrate these classifications. The final chapter, Associations of Hymenomycetes with Other Organisms, is deliberately short and concise, except the discussion of the lichenised Basidiomycetes, since most topics discussed there, e.g. the mycorrhizae and the termites, are treated in other specialised books or are still poorly understood. A detailed table of contents, a bibliography, a subject index and a taxonomical index allow easy access to the information and material treated. Audience: Mycologists, students, advanced amateurs and biologists who need morphological information on higher Basidiomycetes on the cytological, mycelial and basidiomal levels, and on specialised structures, such as spores and conidia, cystidia, rhizomorphs, sclerotia, pseudosclerotia and mycorrhizae.

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Autor: Henry Clemencon
ISBN-13 :: 9783443500375
ISBN: 3443500374
Verlag: Borntraeger
Gewicht: 772g
Seiten: 520
Sprache: Englisch
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