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Fine-Tuning of RNA Functions by Modification and Editing

12, Topics in Current Chemistry
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Top of their field scientists present the latest findings on RNA modification and editing
Modification and Editing of RNA: an Overview.- Biosynthesis and Function of tRNA Wobble Modifications.- Editing and Modification in Trypanosomes : the Reshaping of Non-coding RNAs.- Transfer RNA Modification and Modifying Enzymes in Yeast.- Biosynthesis and Function of 1-methyladenosine in Transfer RNA.- The Biosynthesis and Functional Roles of Methylated Nucleosides in Eukaryotic mRNA.- Role of the 5'-cap in the Biosynthesis of Splicesomal snRNPs.- Role of a Conserved Pseudouridine on the Structural and Electrostatic Features of the Splicesomal Pre-mRNA Branch Site.- RNA-guided RNA Modification.- Conserved Ribosomal RNA Modification and Their Putative Roles in Ribosome Biogenesis and Translation.- Nucleotide Methylations in rRNA that Confer Resistance to Ribosome-targeting Antibiotics.- Translational Recoding and RNA Modifications.- Adenosine to Inosine RNA Editing in Animal Cells.- Mammalian C-to-U Editing.- Transfer RNA Modifications and DNA Editing in HIV-1 Reverse Transcription.- Methylation of Selenocysteine tRNA Governs Differential Expression of Mammalian Selenoproteins.
Naturally occurring RNA always contains numerous biochemically altered nucleotides. They are formed by enzymatic modification of the primary transcripts during the complexRNA maturation process designated RNA modification. A large number of enzymes catalyzing the formation of these modified nucleosides or converting one canonical base into another at the posttranscriptional level have been studied for many years, but only recently have systematic and comparative studies begun. The functions of individual enzymes and/or the modified/edited nucleosides in RNA, however, have remained largely ignored.This book provides advance information on RNA modification, including the associated editing machinery, while offering the reader some perspective on the significance of such modifications in fine-tuning the structure and functions of mature RNA molecules and hence the ability to influence the efficiency and accuracy of genetic expression. Outstanding scientists who are actively working on RNA modification/editing processes have provided up-to-date information on these intriguing cellular processes that have been generated over the course of millions of years in all living organisms. Each review has been written and illustrated for a large audience of readers, not only specialists in the field, but also for advanced students or researchers who want to learn more about recent progress in RNA modification and editing.

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Autor: Henri Grosjean
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