Nordic Prosody

Proceedings of the VIIth Conference, Joensuu 1996
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Stefan Werner
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Contents: John Local, Richard Ogden: Nordic Prosodies: representation and phonetic interpretation - Jardar Eggesbø Abrahamsen: Remarks on the oxytonic accentual pattern in a West Norwegian dialect - Kai Alter: Discovering time structure in German - Kristján Árnason: Toward an analysis of Icelandic intonation - Gösta Bruce, J. Frid, B. Granström, K. Gustafson, M. Horne, D. House: Prosodic segmentation and structuring of dialogue - Wim van Dommelen, Thorstein Fretheim, Randi Alice Nilsen: The perception of boundary tone in East Norwegian - Thorstein Fretheim: Flouting contextual constraints on intonational phrasing in Norwegian - Mattias Heldner: Fo rise and perceived focus in Swedish - Merle Horne, Marcus Filipsson: From prosodic structure to intonation contours - Antti Iivonen, Tuija Niemi, Minna Paananen: Do Fo Peaks Coincide with Lexical Stresses? - Vern M. Lindblad: Prosodic factors in coda loss in Norrland Swedish - Erwin Marsi: Automatic evaluation of intonational phrasing algorithms for Dutch - Kate Moore, Carita Rosenberg-Wolff: Perceptions of hesitations in speech - Yasuko Nagano-Madsen, Gösta Bruce: Comparing pitch accent features in Swedish and Japanese - Tuija Niemi: Speaker-dependent segmental durations - Minna M. Paananen: Pausing in non-native spontaneous speech - Martti Vainio, Toomas Altosaar: Pitch, loudness, and segmental duration correlates in Finnish prosody - Sarah Williams: Anomalous stress in simultaneous interpreting.
This volume contains the revised texts of lectures and papers given at the Nordic Prosody VII conference, held at the University of Joensuu, Finland, in August 1996. The contributions by Scandinavian and other researchers cover a wide range of prosody-related topics from various theoretical angles. Their approaches are not limited to phonetic and phonological analyses but provide also new insights from speech technology. Research issues addressed include, among others, mapping procedures from acoustic to prosodic structures, the relationship between lexical and sentence stress, timing perception, phrasing, intonation modelling and prosodic processing.

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