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Handbook of Digital Homecare

Series in Biomedical Engineering
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Comprehensive guide through all aspects of home care
Digital Homecare - An Introduction.- Information Highway to the Home and Back: A Smart Systems Review.- Personalizing Care: Integration of Hospital and Homecare.- Standards for Digital Homecare.- Model-Based Methodology for the Analysis of e-Health Systems Diffusion: Case Study of a Knowledge-Centered Telehealthcare System Based on a Mixed License.- The Consumerisation of Home Healthcare Technologies.- Privacy and Digital Homecare.- VirtualECare: Group Support in Collaborative Networks Organizations for Digital Homecare.- Standard-Based Homecare Challenge.- An Automatic Smart Information Sensory Scheme for Discriminating Types of Motion or Metrics of Patients.- User-Centered Design of Tele-Homecare Products.- A Multi-disciplinary Approach towards the Design and Development of Value+ eHomeCare Services.- Changing Role of Nurses in the Digital Era: Nurses and Telehealth.- A Multi-Modal Health and Activity Monitoring Framework for Elderly People at Home.- Digital Homecare Experiences: Remote Patient Monitoring.- A Home-Based Care Model of Cardiac Rehabilitation Using Digital Technology.- Role of Nano- and Microtechnologies in Clinical Point-of-Care Testing.
Digital Homecare is a collection of services to deliver, maintain and improve care in the home environment using the latest ICT technology and devices.It is important to recognize the wide range of issues that are covered by digital homecare. This book shows a good selection of related issues, be it experience, technologies, managerial issues or standardization.
A very diverse "audience"; elderly, people with chronic conditions, disabled, to name the most important groups, benefits from digital homecare, within the comfort and protection of their own homes.

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Autor: Lodewijk Bos
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