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Extended and revised edition which also covers synchrotron radiation, angle resolved photoemission, etc.
1. Introduction, 2. Electromagnetic Radiation, 3. Light Sources with General Application, 4. Spectral Analysis of Light, 5. Detection of Electromagnetic Radiation, 6. The Dielectric Function, 7. Spectroscopy in the Visible and Near-Visible Spectral Range, 8. Symmetry and Selection Rules, 9. Light Scattering Spectroscopy, 10. Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, 12. Ultraviolet and X-Ray Spectroscopy, 13. Spectroscopy with y Rays, 14. Generalized Dielectric Function, 15. Spectroscopy with Electrons, 16. Spectroscopy with Positrons and Muons, 17. Neutron Scattering, 18. Spectroscopy with Atoms and Ions, Appendices A-M
Spectroscopic methods have opened up a new horizon in our knowledge of solid-state materials. Numerous techniques using electromagnetic radiation or charged and neutral particles have been invented and worked out to a high level in order to provide more detailed information on the solids. In this text, new radiation sources like lasers and synchrotrons are discussed. It provides a description of the linear response together with the basic principles and the technical background for various scattering experiments. Fourier transform spectroscopy, pulsed and magnetic NMR techniques, photo-emission, and light and electron scattering are elucidated. Each chapter includes problems. The concept of this textbook is designed for graduate students.

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Autor: Hans Kuzmany
ISBN-13 :: 9783642014789
ISBN: 364201478X
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Gewicht: 1126g
Seiten: 554
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