Coastal Saline Soil Rehabilitation and Utilization Based on Forestry Approaches in China

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Jianfeng Zhang
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First book to discuss coastal saline soil rehabilitation and utilization based on forestry approach in China
Part I Characteristics of Salt-Affected Soil and its Amelioration by Trees.- Concepts Concerned with Salt-Affected Soil.- Salt-affected soil resources in China.- Characteristics of salt-affected soil and its amelioration by trees.- Urban salinization and its ecological remediation principles.- Part II Principles and Practice of Afforestation in Saline Soil.- Mechanism of salinity tolerance and techniques of trees planting.- Agroforestry and its Application in Amelioration of Saline Soils.- Strategies to Reclaim And Ameliorate Saline Soil in the Yellow River Delta Region.- Part III Saline Soil Utilization for Biomass Production.- Potential and future prospects of biomass production in saline soils.- Development of forestry bioenergy in East China Sea areas.- Part IV Wetland Degradation and Water Shortage in Yellow River Delta Region.- Causes of Wetland Degradation and Ecological Restoration.- Water shortages and countermeasures for sustainable utilization.- Part V Case Study.- Planting Techniques of Tamarix Chinensis and Its Effect on Saline Soil Remediation.- Cultural Technologies and Salt-resistance of Nitraria sibirica in Coastal Areas with Serious Salt-affected soil.- Impacts of soil salinity on tree growth in Shandong.- Function of black locust plantation on soil improvement in Yellow River bank.- Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) forest as biomass energy resources.- Coupling of phytocoenosium change and wetland degradation in Yellow River Delta region.
The most recent advances in research on coastal saline soil rehabilitation and utilization based on forestry approach are discussed. The forestry approach is emphasized rather than physical or engineering measures to ameliorate saline soils, which is significant for coastal environmental improvement and land resources expansion. The monograph is a useful reference for researchers using techniques of ecology, forestry and agronomy.Prof. Jianfeng Zhang works at the Institute of Subtropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry. He has been working on afforestation in saline soils for over 20 years.

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