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False Feathers

A Perspective on Academic Plagiarism
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Debora Weber-Wulff
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With plagiarism a growing problem on university campuses, this book explains a range of strategies to identify instances of the offence. Written by an activist in the VroniPlag Wiki group, it shows how members find and document plagiarism in dissertations.

Introduction.- Plagiarism and Scientific Misconduct.- Plagiarism in Germany.- Plagiarism Detection.- Plagiarism Avoidance.- Plagiarism Policies and Procedures Abroad.- Plagiarism Perspective.- The future?.- Works Cited.- Appendix.
Since human beings have been writing it seems there has been plagiarism. It is not something that sprouted with the advent of the Internet. Teachers have been struggling for years in countries all over the globe to find good methods for dealing with the problem of plagiarizing students. How do we spot plagiarism? How do we teach them not to plagiarize? And how do we deal with those who have been found out to be plagiarists? The purpose of this book is to collect material on the various aspects of plagiarism in education with special attention given to the German problem of dissertation plagiarism. Since there is a wide-spread interest in the German plagiarism situation and in strategies for dealing with it, the book is written in English in order to be accessible to a larger audience.

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