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New and Old Molecules in the Fight Against Multi-resistant Bacteria
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Flavia Marinelli
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This new volume shows that despite the increased media coverage of antibiotic resistance in hospitals and the community, our therapeutic options for battling bacteriological infection are being augmented by exciting new developments in the field.

Julian Davies: The origin and evolution of antibiotics.- Gian Maria Rossolini, Fabio Arena, Simona Pollini: Novel infectious diseases and emerging Gram-positive multi-resistant pathogens in hospital and community acquired infections.- Yossi Paitan, Eliora Ron: Gram-negative pathogens: overview of novel and emerging pathogens and drugs.- Erika Leemans, Jed F. Fisher, Shahriar Mobashery: The ß-lactam antibiotics: their future in the face of resistance.- Giorgia Letizia Marcone, Flavia Marinelli: Glycopeptides: an old but up-to-date successful antibiotic class. - Richard H. Baltz: Daptomycin and related lipopeptides produced by fermentation, chemical modification, and combinatorial biosynthesis.- Jesus Cortés: Lantibiotics and similar peptides produced by and active on gram positives: discovery, development, perspectives.- Martti Vaara: Old and novel polymyxins against serious Gram-negative infections.- Guy T. Carter, Leonard A. McDonald: Uridyl peptide antibiotics: developments in biosynthesis and medicinal chemistry.- Herbert A. Kirst , Flavia Marinelli: Aminoglycoside antibiotics.- Herbert A. Kirst: Macrolides antibiotics.- Olga Genilloud, Francisca Vicente: Tetracycline antibiotics and novel analogs.- Giovanni Zappia, Cinzia Ingallina, Francesca Ghirga, Bruno Botta: Oxazolidin-2-ones: antibacterial activity and chemistry.- Herbert A. Kirst: Protein synthesis inhibitors from smaller antibiotic classes.- Stephen P. East: Actinonin and analogs: inhibitor of bacterial peptide deformylase.- Michael J. Pucci, Jason A. Wiles: Bacterial topoisomerase inhibitors: quinolones and beyond.- Olga Genilloud, Francisca Vicente: Strategies to discover novel antimicrobials to cope with emerging medical needs.
Reports on the emergence and prevalence of resistant bacterial infections in hospitals and communities raise concerns that we may soon no longer be able to rely on antibiotics as a way to control infectious diseases. Effective medical care would require the constant introduction of novel antibiotics to keep up in the "arms race" with resistant pathogens.

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