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Kidney and Urinary Tract Diseases in the Newborn

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Aftab S. Chishti
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This comprehensive, up-to-date overview of all the key issues in neonatal kidney and urinary tract diseases features chapters based on clinical case studies and includes informative reviews of existing literature as well as the relevant basic science.

Embryology of the Urinary Tract.- Normal Development of Renal Function of the Newborn.- Fluid and Electrolytes in the Newborn - Special Considerations.- Tools for the Assessment of Renal Function in the Newborn.- Oral and Parenteral Nutrition of the Newborn with Urinary Tract Disease.- Fetal Urology.- Imaging of the Urinary Tract in Newborns.- Urinary Tract Infections.- Hydronephrosis.- Posterior Urethral Valves.- Prune Belly Syndrome.- Structural Abnormalities of the External Genitalia and Urinary Tract.- Structural Abnormalities of the kidney and Ureter.- Neonatal Tumors involving the Urinary Tract.- Cystic Kidney Disease.- Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome.- Acute Kidney Injury.- Renal Replacement Therapy in the Neonate.- Neonatal Hypertension.- Electrolyte Abnormalities in the Newborn.
This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of all key issues related to kidney and urinary tract disease in full-term and premature newborns. Among the many topics addressed are fluid and electrolyte abnormalities, hydronephrosis, urinary tract infection, obstructive uropathy and renal replacement therapy. The approach throughout is clinically oriented, the aim being to provide the reader with hands-on guidance. Each chapter commences with a clinical case vignette and concludes with a take-home message highlighting key aspects of practical importance. In addition, however, informative reviews of the literature and the basic sciences are included. No other book currently on the market focuses solely on the newborn, and Kidney and Urinary Tract Diseases in the Newborn will be especially valuable to those undergoing fellowship training in neonatology or pediatric nephrology/urology.

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