The Art of Wireless Sensor Networks
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The Art of Wireless Sensor Networks

Volume 1 - Fundamentals
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Habib M. Ammari
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Signals and Communication Technology

With its equal weighting of theoretical and practical considerations, this work tracks recent developments in wireless sensor network technology. The first in a multi-volume set, it focuses on fundamental elements of design, analysis, and implementation.
First comprehensive survey of the theory and practice of wireless sensor networks
In-depth overview of the state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice of wireless sensor networks, where theory and practice are equally considered
Written by leading experts in the field
Part I Introduction and Applications.- Part II Wireless Communications and Medium Access Control.- Part III Routing.- Part IV Topology and Mobility Management.- Part V Localization and Task Management.- Part VI Data Management.- Part VII Data Gathering.- Part VIII Security.- Part IX Middleware.- Part X Sensor Technology, Standards, and Operating Systems.
During the last one and a half decades, wireless sensor networks have witnessed significant growth and tremendous development in both academia and industry.
"The Art of Wireless Sensor Networks: Volume 1: Fundamentals" focuses on the fundamentals concepts in the design, analysis, and implementation of wireless sensor networks. It covers the various layers of the lifecycle of this type of network from the physical layer up to the application layer. Its rationale is that the first volume covers contemporary design issues, tools, and protocols for radio-based two-dimensional terrestrial sensor networks. All the book chapters in this volume include up-to-date research work spanning various classic facets of the physical properties and functional behavior of wireless sensor networks, including physical layer, medium access control, data routing, topology management, mobility management, localization, task management, data management, data gathering, security, middleware, sensor technology, standards, and operating systems. This book will be an excellent source of information for both senior undergraduate and graduate students majoring in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or any related discipline. In addition, computer scientists, researchers, and practitioners in both academia and industry will find this book useful and interesting.

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