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Diseases of the Vitreo-Macular Interface

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Essentials in Ophthalmology
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This guide is the first volume exclusively devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of vitreomacular interface diseases, a topic of emerging importance. It includes detailed descriptions of the diseases, the newest clinical data, and the latest clinical options.

Introduction: Unmet Medical Need.- Epidemiology of Vitreo-Macular Interface Diseases.- Anatomy and Physiology of the Vitreo-Macular Interface.- Pathophysiology of the Ageing Vitreous.- Pathophysiology of Vitreo-Macular Traction.- Imaging of the Vitreo-Macular Interface.- Clinical Manifestations of Vitreo-Macular Interface Disease.- Vitreo-Macular Traction and Age-Related Macular Degeneration.- Treatment Paradigm for Vitreo-Macular Interface Diseases.- Pharmacologic Vitreolysis - Experimental Evidence.- Pharmacologic Vitreolysis - Clinical Trial Data.- Pharmacologic Vitreolysis - New Perspectives, Future Directions.
This clinically oriented book is the first to be devoted wholly to the diagnosis and treatment of vitreo-macular interface disease, characterized by a combination of vitreo-macular adhesion (VMA) and vitreo-macular traction (VMT) that is implicated in a variety of disorders. World-renowned experts in the field discuss epidemiologic, anatomic, and physiologic aspects, document the findings obtained with newer imaging techniques, such as spectral domain optical coherence tomography, describe the treatment options, and report on the results of preclinical and clinical trials, including some previously unpublished findings. This book will prove invaluable for ophthalmologists as we advance toward a future in which treatments of diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy will likely require adjunctive therapy to tackle VMA/VMT concurrently.

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