Benign Breast Diseases
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Benign Breast Diseases

Radiology - Pathology - Risk Assessment
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Catherine N. Chinyama
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This book covers the radiology, pathology, and risk assessment of the full range of benign breast lesions, with emphasis on screen-detected lesions. This revised and updated edition includes a new chapter on gynaecomastia.
The normal female breast.- Overview of benign breast lesions.-Radiology of breast lesions.- Surgery of benign breast lesions.-Pathology of benign breast lesions.- Inflammatory lesions.- Cystic lesions.- Fibro-epithelial lesions.- Infiltrative pseudo-malignant lesions.- Epithelial proliferative lesions.- Columnar cell lesions.- Mucocele-like lesions.- Calcification in benign lesions.- Non-epithelial lesions.- Male breast lesions.- Risk assessment in benign breast lesions.
The second edition of this book has been extensively revised and updated. There has been a lot of scientific advances in the radiology, pathology and risk assessment of benign breast lesions since the publication of the first edition. The first edition concentrated on screen-detected lesions, which has been rectified. New symptomatic and screen-detected lesions are discussed in the second edition and include: mastitis and breast abscess, idiopathic granulomatous mastitis, diabetic mastopathy, phyllodes tumour, gynaecomastia and pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia. The chapters on columnar cell lesions and mucocele-like lesions have been extensively updated. Where applicable, genetic analysis of the benign lesions which in breast cancer is becoming part of personalised medicine has been included. The book includes detailed analysis of the main models such as the Gail Model used to assess the subsequent risk of breast cancer in individuals. The current trend in the management of all cancers is preventative. Screening mammography detects early curable cancers as well as indeterminate lesions. These indeterminate mammographic lesions are invariably pathologically benign. The author collated important benign lesions and based on peer-reviewed publications documented the relative risk of subsequent cancer to allow the patient and the clinician to institute preventative measures where possible. This book therefore will be an essential part of multidisciplinary management of patients with symptomatic and screen-detected benign breast lesions.

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