Lunar Domes
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Lunar Domes

Properties and Formation Processes
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Raffaello Lena
Springer Praxis Books / Space Exploration Springer Praxis Books
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Lunar domes are structures of volcanic origin which are usually difficult to observe due to their low heights. The Lunar Domes Handbook is a reference work on these elusive features. It provides a collection of images for a large number of lunar domes, including telescopic images acquired with advanced but still moderately intricate amateur equipment as well as recent orbital spacecraft images. Different methods for determining the morphometric properties of lunar domes (diameter, height, flank slope, edifice volume) from image data or orbital topographic data are discussed. Additionally, multispectral and hyperspectral image data are examined, providing insights into the composition of the dome material. Several classification schemes for lunar domes are described, including an approach based on the determined morphometric quantities and spectral analyses. Furthermore, the book provides a description of geophysical models of lunar domes, which yield information about the properties of the lava from which they formed and the depth of the magma source regions below the lunar surface.
This book offers a uniform collection of probe and CCD terrestrial images for each lunar dome, and presents information on morphological measurements and rheologic properties including a novel classification system and a new map of the distribution of domes.
Volcanism on the Earth and the Moon: morphometry and eruption conditions.- Lunar domes: morphometric and rheologic properties.- Determination of spectral properties.- Determination Modelling of lunar effusive and intrusive domes.- Lunar domes classification scheme.- Effusive bisected lunar domes.- Effusive lunar domes.- Candidate lunar intrusive domes.- Conclusion.- Appendix A: Lunar dome images.- Appendix B: Further Resources.- References.

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