Narrative Soundings: An Anthology of Narrative Inquiry in Music Education

An Anthology of Narrative Inquiry in Music Education
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Margaret S. Barrett
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This volume focuses specifically on narrative inquiry as a means to interrogate research questions in music education, offering music education researchers indispensible information on the use of qualitative research methods, particularly narrative, as appropriate and acceptable means of conducting and reporting research.

This anthology of narrative research work in the fields of music and education builds on and supports the work presented in the editors' first volume in Narrative Inquiry in Music Education: Troubling Certainty (Barrett & Stauffer, 2009, Springer). The first volume provides a context for undertaking narrative inquiry in music education, as well as exemplars of narrative inquiry in music education and commentary from key international voices in the fields of narrative inquiry and music education respectively.

This volume provides a comprehensive anthology of exemplars of narrative inquiry research in the fields of music and music education

Resonant Work: Toward an Ethic of Narrative Research by Margaret S. Barrett and Sandra L. Stauffer .- Section 1. Introduction . Engaging Stories: Constructing Narratives of Women's Military Band Members by Janet Cape and Jeananne Nichols . Jeremiah Jones and the Musical Crusade by David Cleaver . Learning in a Teen Garage Band: A Relational Narrative Inquiry by Jane Baker . "Sheer Spine": Evoking Past and Present in the Southern Highlands by Nathan B. Kruse .- Section 2. Introduction . You're in or You're out: Impact of Preconceptions on Social Development in the Kindergarten Music Classroom by Martina Miranda . Music Education in Homeschooling: Jamie's Story by Jeananne Nichols .- Section 3. Introduction . Music Lessons and Other Stories: Partial Inventory by Rishma Dunlop .- Section 4. Introduction . Rediscovering Musical Identity Through Narrative in Pre-Service Teacher Education by Adam Adler . Narratives from Preservice Music Teachers: Hearing Their Voices while Singing with the Choir by Carole Richardson . Collaborative Journals: Scaffolding Reflective Practice in Teacher Education by Deborah V. Blair . Journey of Self-Exploration: Seeking Understanding Through Musical and Cultural Experiences in South India by Patricia E. Riley .- Section 5. Introduction . The Childhood of a Teacher: Allison's Preservice Years as Baby Pictures by Margaret Schmidt and Alison Zenner . Hitting the Trail Running: Roadmaps and Reflections on Informal Faculty Mentorship Experiences by Shelley M. Griffin and Rodger J. Beatty . Elementary General Music Teachers and Professional Development: Kindling the Spark, Fanning the Flame, and Keeping an Eye on the Fire by Alison Reynolds .- Section 6. Introduction . Refusing Narratives: Functional Literacy and Determinism by Cathy Benedict . Student Composition in a Private Studio Setting: Rethinking Assumptions by Beth Ann Miller . Voices of Two Young Women: Listening to a Growing Selfhood by Graça Mota

Building on the work in the editor's first text on the subject, this further exploration of the topic provides an anthology of narrative research work in the fields of music and education that shows how narrative inquiry has been taken up by music education.

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