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Business Feel

From the Science of Management to the Philosophy of Leadership
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S. Segal
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In the Cracks of Conventions Philosophical Experiences Managers and Leaders: The Unnamed Philosophers Unmasking Management Theoreticians From a Science to a Philosophy of Management Leading Managers out of Plato's Cave Strange Bedfellows: Jack Welch and Martin Heidegger How Touchy Feely is Jack Welch? Welch's Outsiders Perspective from the Inside Turning Intuitions into Visions Leading out of Confusion: Grove's Crisis at Intel From Control to Reflection in Management Organisational Nationalism at Intel Philosophical Education in the Context of Management The Socratic Perplexity of a Leader: The Case of Mort Meyerson Ricardo Semler's Philosophical Experience Philosophical Narratives for Managers Bibliography
Just as a good musician has a feeling for rhythm and a sports person has a feeling for the game, so a good businessperson has a well-developed sense of business feel. How do we develop our business feel? How does an understanding of business feel enhance our business judgement, our ability to trust our intuition, think on our feet, make and execute decisions? These and other questions will be answered by examining the life experiences of CEO's who are recognised for excellence in their feel for the business. The business feel of, amongst others Jack Welch, Andrew Grove, and Ricardo Semler will be explored.

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