Immigration Policy and Security
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Immigration Policy and Security

U.S., European, and Commonwealth Perspectives
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Terri Givens
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Introduction: Terrorism and the Changing Politics of Immigration Gary Freeman, Terri Givens and David Leal Part 1: United States 1. Immigration and U.S. National Interests: Historical Cases and the Contemporary Debate Marc Rosenblum 2. Immigration Policy and the Latino Community Since 9/11 Michele Waslin 3. U.S. Asylum Refugee Policy towards Muslim Nations Since 9/11 Idean Salehyan 4. Post-9/11 International Graduate Enrollments in the United States: Unintended Consequences of National Security Strategies Susan K. Brown and Frank D. Bean Part 2: Europe 5. Migration Policy Debates in Europe after 9/11: Securitization, Embedded Liberalism, or the Quest for Legitimation? Christina Boswell 6. Disembedding Liberalism? Immigration Politics and Security in Britain since 9/11 James Hampshire 7. Fortifying Fortress Europe? The Effects of September 11 on EU Immigration Policy Adam Luedtke 8. Borders, Security, and Transatlantic Cooperation in the 21st Century: Identity and Privacy in an Era of Globalized Surveillance Valsamis Mitsilegas 9. Towards a Common European Asylum Policy: The Political Economy of Refugee Burden Sharing Eiko R. Thielemann Part 3: The Commonwealth Perspective 10. Immigration, the War against Terror, and the British Commonwealth James Jupp
Immigration policy in the United States, Europe, and the Commonwealth went under the microscope after the terror attacks of 9/11 and the subsequent events in London, Madrid, and elsewhere. We have since seen major changes in the bureaucracies that regulate immigration-but have those institutional dynamics led to significant changes in the way borders are controlled, the numbers of immigrants allowed to enter, or national asylum policies? This book examines a broad range of issues and cases in order to better understand if, how, and why immigration policies and practices have changed in these countries in response to the threat of terrorism. In a thorough analysis of border policies, the authors also address how an intensification of immigration politics can have severe consequences for the social and economic circumstances of national minorities of immigrant origin.

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