Domestic Violence in Diverse Contexts
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Domestic Violence in Diverse Contexts

A Re-examination of Gender
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Sarah Wendt
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1 Introduction 2. Feminist Understandings of Domestic Violence 3. Mothers 4. Older Women 5. Religious Women 6. Refugee Women 7. Rural Women 8. Aboriginal Women 9. Lesbians 10. Women with Intellectual Disabilities 11. Conclusion
Overwhelmingly, it is women who are the victims of domestic violence and this book puts women's experiences of domestic violence at its centre, whilst acknowledging their many diverse and complex identities. Concentrating on the various forms of domestic abuse and its occurrence and manifestations within different contexts, it argues that gender is centrally implicated in the unique factors that shape violence across all these areas. Individual chapters outline the experiences of:Mothers Older womenWomen with religious affiliations Refugee women Rural women Aboriginal women Women in same-sex relationships Women with intellectual disabilities.Exploring how domestic violence across varying contexts impacts on different women's experiences and understandings of abuse, this innovative work draws on post-structural feminist theory and how these ideas view, and potentially allow, gendered explanations of domestic violence. Domestic Violence in Diverse Contexts is suitable for academics and researchers interested in issues around violence and gender.

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