Alphabet to Internet
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Alphabet to Internet

Media in Our Lives
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Irving Fang
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Introduction 1. Writing: Gathering Knowledge 2. Printing: Reaching More of Us 3. Mail: The Snail that Could 4. Telegraph: Uniting the United States 5. Telephone: Reaching Without Touching 6. Recording: Beyonce Sings Better Than Our Sister 7. Photography: Personal and So Much More 8. Movies: Made by More of Us 9. Radio: Helping Us Through the Rough Years 10. Television: Pictures in Our Parlors 11. Computers: Beyond Calculation 12. The Internet: The World at Our Fingertips 13. Video Games: Leaning Forward 14. Persuasion: The Push Never Stops 15. We Are Different: Living in a World of Social Change
What Greek philosopher thought writing would harm a student's memory? Was the poet Byron's daughter the first computer programmer? Who plays more video games, women over 18 or teenage boys?In Alphabet to Internet: Media in Our Lives, Irving Fang looks at each medium of communication through the centuries, asking not only, "e;What happened?"e; but also, "e;How did society change because of this new communication medium?"e; and, "e;How are we different as a result?"e; Examining the impact of different media on a broad, historical scale-among them mass printing, the telegraph, film, the internet, and advertising-Alphabet to Internet takes us from the first scratches of writing and the origins of mail to today's video games, the widespread and daily use of smartphones, and the impact of social media in political uprisings across the globe. A timeline at the end of each chapter places events in perspective and allows students to pinpoint key moments in media history.Now in its third edition, Alphabet to Internet presents a lively, thoughtful, and accessible introduction to media history.

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